Corporate & Public Affairs


This is our wheelhouse. Balancing all stakeholder interests and protecting your brand and reputation is essential. Customizing and executing thoughtful corporate affairs strategies is where we shine - a tremendous value-added extension of your team. Collaborating with senior team members and coaching & mentoring teams is our forte.  Put the experience of Scout to work for you and expedite achievement of your business goals. 

Scout also offers temporary services to lead your communications team on an interim basis. If you are in urgent need of a leader, let's talk.

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Change Communications


Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, new leadership and downsizing all require thoughtful, clear and steady communication to all key stakeholders. Scout develops meticulous and comprehensive communications strategies to ensure everyone has the right information at the right time to navigate any change successfully. If you are planning for a significant change, contact Scout to start mapping your communications strategy. 

Are your communications processes meeting your business goals? If not, let us investigate and devise an action plan of recommendations to get your team on the right track.

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Leadership & Professional Development


Experienced professionals often need further development to re-energize and refine their skills, which can be difficult to find through common training programs. Scout's extensive training and executive coaching experience can help develop & advance your leaders and teams through custom content matched to your specific training goals. Scout’s training can be offered to teams or individuals, with consultative input from your team members. 

Learn more about Scout's custom leadership and communications training programs:

  • Advanced media relations team training for PR teams
  • Crisis management 
  • Team building and team development 
  • Presentation/pitch skills

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Media & Spokesperson Training


Are you making the most of your media interview opportunities or are you simply answering the questions? Is the interview a blur and the outcome uncertain? If so, it’s time to learn the unwritten rules of media relations and take control of your message. We offer one-one executive media training as well as a team training program for PR teams to learn how to coach and support spokespeople in your organization.

Refining your public speaking and delivery is a skill that serves you well with any audience. Contact us today to learn how to define a clear message, deliver it effectively and better connect with your key audiences. 

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Executive Onboarding


Recruiting the right person or developing the right internal person for each role is important.  Beyond identifying the candidate, it's equally important to set them up for success with a thoughtful, comprehensive, customized onboarding plan. Scout has the experience and expertise to equip your new leader with the tools they need to effectively communicate and earn trust, winning buy-in, and building a team around their vision as soon as they are named. 

Scout’s leader onboarding is customized, but typically includes components such as:

  • 90-day strategic plan  
  • Leadership coaching
  • Establishing a personal brand
  • External pitch plan 
  • Media/public speaking training
  • Vision executive plan

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Communications Blueprint


Scout’s Communications Blueprint assesses your unique communications challenges (rapid growth, fragmented teams, restructuring and more) to make expert recommendations to address gaps and maximize opportunities. 

Scout’s Communications Blueprint process starts with a multifaceted 360-degree assessment of the current state of your organization’s communications.  Then, through research, interviews, observation sessions and comprehensive analysis, we prepare a custom Blueprint with specific recommendations on communications policies, processes, tools and resource allocation to best achieve your communication objectives.

Scout then presents the findings and recommendations to your leadership team and collaboratively defines the execution plan to initiate thoughtful change.

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